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Washing Guide
We use durable upcycled materials in a strong knitted design in all collections. Some collections are machine washable, while others are non-washable. For specific cleaning methods, please refer to the product details page.

Do not wash the shoes with other clothes, shoes, especially light-colored items.

Please follow the suggestions above to make the shoes last longer.
    Shoes Cleaning

Machine Wash Available Shoes:
  • Remove the insole.
  • Put them in a wash pouch and toss it in the washing machine.
  • Add a gentle detergent (a harsh one may affect the surface of your shoes)
  • Wash on ‘delicate’ with cold water (never use hot water - it can affect the color and shape of your shoes).
  • Leave them out to air dry (never use hot air - this can affect the shape of your shoes).
  • Replace the insoles and wear them again!
Not Machine Wash Available Shoes:
  • After slightly wetting the upper surface, gently brush it with a soft-bristled shoe brush or toothbrush. Be sure to brush lightly or you may damage the shoe’s surface due to scrubbing too hard.
  • If you want to clean a specific part of your shoes, add alcohol to a soft cloth and gently wipe the area.
    If necessary, use a cleaner specifically designed for textiles to clean the surface of your shoes if a deeper clean is necessary.
  • Our shoes were not suitable for machine wash, please avoid soaking your shoes entirely in water - it will damage the midsole beyond repair.
  • Store your shoes properly and keep them in a dry condition which will help them last longer. Please stuff with newspaper overnight and let them dry naturally once your shoes get wet. You were recommended to insert more structured items to keep the shape.
Water Proof Shoes Cleaning:
  • Moderate to mild dirt: Use a soft brush to gently wipe the vamp to remove dust.
  • Dirt Stains:Apply the mild solution to a soft-bristled brush and brush the dirt stains.
  • Wash soles:use a hard brush to scrub the sole stains with cleaning foam.
  • Wash laces:Remove the laces and wash separately.
  • Dry the surface of the shoes and air dry, after drying, place them in a shoebox or in a cool place.

        Clothes Care

Cleaning Method
  • Hand wash (Maximum 40°)
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry flat
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron heat (Maximum 110°)
  • Conventional Dry Cleaning
Maintenance and Storage
  • When wearing cashmere products, pay attention to keeping them clean. Cashmere underwear should always be lightly discounted to get rid of the dust. Cashmere coat can be brushed gently along the direction of the hair with a soft electrostatic brush, which can remove dust, prevent the incubation and damage of moths, and make the plush smooth. In addition, cashmere products should be washed in time if they are stained.
  • When the passed cashmere products need to be stored due to the change of seasons, they must be washed, ironed, and dried before being stored. This can reduce the conditions and scope of the activity of mold borers, and can be sterilized.
  • When cashmere products are stored, they should be folded in bags and placed flat and should not be hung to avoid drape and deformation, and avoid mixing with other items in the same bag.
  • The stored cashmere products should be shielded from light to prevent fading. They should be ventilated, shaded, slapped with dust, damp, and not exposed to the sun.
  • Because cashmere is a natural fiber chain containing a lot of natural protein, it is easy to be eaten by insects. In order to prevent this, the sun-dried cashmere products should be sealed and stored in a clean plastic bag with camphor. At the same time, put anti-virus and anti-moth tablets around the wardrobe to prevent the cashmere products from being damp and moldy. However, avoid direct contact between mothproofing agents and cashmere sweaters.
  • The storage place should be ventilated and dry, and camphor wood sticks or mothballs should be placed to prevent moths.
  • Avoid squeezing, hooking and mechanical friction when storing.

        Accessories Cleaning

Bags/Insoles Cleaning
  • When cleaning the bags or insoles, please remember to use the laundry bag that comes with the bag.
  • If there is a bottom cushion in the bag, please take the bottom cushion out, put it in a laundry bag with the bag, and put it in the washing machine.
  • Please choose mild detergent, gentle or normal mode, and wash in cold water.
  • Do not use the drying function, just hang it in the shade and air dry after washing.
  • If you will not use it for a long time, please wash and dry the bag or insoles, put them in the original linen bag, and store it in a cool, ventilated place.
Mask Cleaning
  • Before your first use, completely hand wash the mask using any soap and immerse it in boiling water for a few seconds. Allow to fully dry before using.
  • Do not use washing machines or drying machines for they will damage the mask's filter layers.
  • To wear, extend the two straps of the mask and place them behind the ears with the white cotton layer facing inwards and adjust the metal nose bar, fitting on the chin. Adjust the tension of the straps if necessary.
  • After 10 hours of continuous usage, gently wash the mask by hand or scrub with a soft brush and clean it by immersing it in boiling water for a few seconds. Hang it up to dry and do not wring water from the mask.




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