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Square-Toe Lace-Up Heeled Boots

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Ethical wool+ Plastic bottles
Ethical wool+ Plastic bottles
Antimicrobial and Breathable
Antimicrobial and Breathable
Not Machine Washable
Not Machine Washable


The Isabel Lace-Up Boots are designed with a modern square toe, faux laces and unique comfortable flared 55mm heel. These stylish women’s boots feature a soft breathable upper with cozy eco-friendly yarn. Pair with a knitted top and high-waist leather skirt or a printed dress and blazer.
Square-toe boots
Made from wool and plastic bottles
Breathable and soft knit uppers
Eco-Friendly deodorizing insole
Anti-slip rubber outsoles
55mm/2.16" heel
Best for 5-20℃(41-68°F)
335g per shoe
Packaged with 100% recycled cardboard

Note: The insole contains natural Artemisia Argyi herbal. People with allergies, please consult a medical professional before wearing.

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